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Antikythera Mechanism 1
This old thing?

Lets start this off with something really cool that was discovered back in 1901.

No one could possibly believe that it was even could even exist.  The Antikythera Mechanism would be remarkable even if it was less clever than it already is.  It was a machine that could look into the future.

It was made in Ancient Greece.  It was for all intents and purposes an “Ancient Computer”.

Over one hundred years ago it was discovered by divers and at that time was the largest hoard of Ancient Greek artifacts EVER discovered.  There were priceless sculptures there was the Antikythera Mechanism no larger than a modern laptop. An ancient Macbook so to speak.

An ancient greek scientist found a way to use complex gear-wheels to track the stars and planets.  Truly a staggering example of pure genius and awareness of the universe around him.

The Worlds First Computer

If it weren’t for a freak storm in October of 1900 there is a great chance that this priceless artifact may never have been found.  Aquatic Indiana Jones’ was definitely on his game that day.  The team of sponge divers tried their luck after the storm. He thought when he came upon a heap of marble and bronze sculptures that it was an underwater graveyard.  But in all actuality it was from an overloaded Roman Galley (those selfish guys) that sank over 2000 years prior.

By accident the divers rescued some of Ancient Greeces’ most important artifacts.

Fast Forward

This discovery is one of my favorites in modern times.  It has everything you want in a mystery/adventure and truly reveals that those human beings, separated by nothing more than time, were just like you and I.  Well probably A LOT smarter than most of us in all actuality.  But it is all relative.

Check out that awesome documentary linked above.  I’m a real sucker for the BBC documentaries myself.

I’ll leave you with a little spoiler of what it looked like when it was reconstructed!

Life and Exciting Things
Everything Old is New Again


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